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Tax consultancy:

With a comprehensive, pragmatic and professional approach

Already in its second generation, our tax consultancy works for nationally and internationally operating companies, freelancers and private individuals. At the same time, provision of tax advice to care organizations in the field of inpatient and outpatient care is a sector on which our firm focuses its attention.

Our decades of experience and our in-house professional staff, doubly-qualified as lawyers and tax consultants or as tax consultants and sworn auditors, will help you solve your tax problems and issues. As qualified “Consultants for International Tax Law”, we will also be pleased to help you in dealing with your cross-border tax issues (Outbound and inbound tax issues). 

These are things our clients appreciate. We look forward to being able to support you as your tax consultants.


Auszeichnung als TOP-Steuerberater 2024

Die Champions der Branche

Top Steuerberater 2024  
Das Wirtschaftsmagazin FOCUS MONEY hat uns als TOP-Steuerberater 2024 ausgezeichnet. Bei der Auszeichnung wurde insbesondere die steuerliche Fachkompetenz geprüft und ausgewertet. 
FOCUS MONEY Ausgabe 24/2024 - Artikel als pdf

About our clients


We give our attention to companies and firms operating in the following fields …

Nursing professions

Advice regarding all issues of corporate law is extremely important, especially to companies working in the care sector.

Private individuals

When it comes to assessing your private tax matters as diligently as possible, more technical knowledge is required than any software package can possibly offer.

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