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Tax consultancy
for companies

What should I pay attention to as regards the short-term employment of staff?
What do my net worth, financial position and profitability look like and how can I take corrective action?
How can I set up my business in the most tax-advantageous manner?


As part of our payroll and financial accounting service, we remove bureaucratic obstacles from your path and work jointly with you to elaborate good future prospects. We have inscribed on our banner the goal of carrying out your payroll and financial accounting operations promptly and in a manner that is reliable in terms of accounting.

We draw up and structure your annual financial statements on the basis of the statutory regulatory framework and, as a matter of course, also take into account the legal requirements of increased stringency laid down by the legislature when it comes to electronic transmission of the balance sheet and the publication of your annual financial statements in the German Federal Gazette.

Giving advice of a tax-advantageous nature means regularly asking the question as to what you “can do better” and how the company can reduce or defer its tax burden. In these matters we support you in the course of providing our tax planning advice. 

Legal counselling
for companies

What legal form best fits my business idea and the liability risks associated with this idea?
How can I reconcile corporate succession arrangements under inheritance law with inheritance tax implications?
What consequences in terms of value added tax should I consider when making (notarially-certified) agreements?


We systematically bring our legal advice into line with tax implications and tax issues. As qualified lawyers and tax consultants, we focus our attention on both these key themes at all times. Relating to every tax optimization issue, we offer you tailor-made contracts, shareholders’ resolutions and agreements.

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